Hi, I’m Becky! This is my smoking hot husband, Trey (he gets mentioned on the blog a lot ;-) ) and we have a 100 pound lab monster named Cole (you can read all about his escapades here).

When I was a kid I wanted to train killer whales at Sea World when I grew up. I also wanted to breed puppies, be homeless in Hawaii, do special effects (both old school with dynamite and modern day CG), and fold towels on a cruise ship. I’ve always believed that life is an adventure, and that you should spend it doing the things you love. For me this means beautifully capturing relationships.

I love photographs of relationships. I love the way a mother looks at her new baby, or the way a couple looks into each other’s eyes as they begin a new adventure together. To me that is what will last and be meaningful in the years to come. One day that child will be grown and will be able to see the photo of his mother’s love. One day that couple will probably have hard times, but they can look back on their wedding pictures and remember the love and hope that brought them together. Some of my favorite pictures are of my parents in college. They had just┬ástarted dating and for Valentine’s Day, my dad bought my mom a roll of film. Then they spent the rest of the day hiking and taking pictures. I love those photographs because it’s the story of how I began: with two kids, young and in love, starting their own adventure.

Everyone is living their own adventure and it is my pleasure and great privilege to capture yours, just as it really is, right now.

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