The Scavone Family

Our family session was scheduled for 6:45 on Monday evening. Around 4 the weatherman was predicting 30-40% chance of precipitation with more rain earlier and slacking off right around 7. At 6:00 it started pouring, like Charleston monsoon-style pouring. Traffic backed up everywhere; roads closed due to flooding, and my poor little Mazda 3 almost drowned at a stop light. At 6:40 things still looked grim and we talked about canceling, but since Crystal’s family had to go back to Augusta that evening, we didn’t know when we would be able to reschedule.

Then, at 6:43, the rain stopped. It was like turning off a faucet! The Scavones finished fighting monsoon traffic, and we were able to do our session as planned!

Scavone Family_0001

These guys were the best! I love photographing older couples who are still crazy about each other :)

Scavone Family_0002

Scavone Family_0003

Scavone Family_0004

Scavone Family_0005

Scavone Family_0006

This is Winston. The photo below is the result of whistling and saying his name; the photo above is what happens when you ask, “Winston, do you want a girlfriend?” I guess that means he does ;-)

Scavone Family_0007

Scavone Family_0008

Scavone Family_0009

Scavone Family_0010

Scavone Family_0011

Scavone Family_0012

Scavone Family_0013

Scavone Family_0014

Scavone Family_0015

Scavone Family_0016


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