Grace is One!

Ok so she’s technically not oneĀ yet, but she’s really really close! And remember how she loved to dance at one month,


three months,


and eight months?


Well now she’s up and dancing on her feet! She especially loves to dance to Rock Band, and will probably be a famous drummer one day :)

Grace 1Yr_0003

Grace 1Yr_0004

Grace 1Yr_0005

Grace 1Yr_0006

Grace 1Yr_0007

Grace 1Yr_0008

This is what she does if you ask her to “Love her teddy”!

Grace 1Yr_0009

Grace 1Yr_0010

Grace 1Yr_0011

Grace 1Yr_0012

After our “formal” photo shoot, we moved to the back yard for some birthday cake. This is Grace’s first taste of frosting, and I think she likes it ;-)

Grace 1Yr_0013

Grace 1Yr_0014

Grace 1Yr_0015

Grace 1Yr_0016Grace 1Yr_0017

Grace 1Yr_0018

Grace 1Yr_0019

Grace 1Yr_0020

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