The Benefits of Dogs

You’ve probably heard that owning a dog can make you healthier and happier, not to mention more patient, but no one told me the affect dog ownership would have on my vacuuming expertise.

Trey and I (ok so mostly Trey, but he’s so much better at telling when the hose is clogged!) probably vacuum around 6 times more frequently than the average fur-less household, and that’s when it’s not shedding season (Confession: I totally made that number up since I have no idea how often normal people have to vacuum…). Not only are we vacuuming more frequently, but I actually know about my vacuum cleaner, like how to use all of the attachments and everything! I can also tell you that my vacuum probably operates above the safe decibel level…

So my point is: if you’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, ask your pet owning friends! They can probably list the pros and cons of their particular model with an impressive degree of knowledge and honesty (unlike the guy who comes to your door every other month ;-) ).


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