Adventures in Cooking: New Recipes!

I am constantly impressed by food bloggers. First they concoct consistently delicious meals, and then they photograph them! Generally in good light and on pretty dishes, too! Now I don’t know how you feel after slaving in the kitchen over a new recipe, but I’m generally pretty hungry, not to mention anxious to see how it turned out. Food bloggers, however, put all of that aside. They pull out the nice dishes that perfectly compliment the colors of the food. They find the one window that still has some sun or maybe a nice lamp, and they ignore the pleas of their “but Mom we’re starving” family, while they carefully photograph the dinner they’ve worked so hard to prepare. Food bloggers, I tip my hat to you.

These pictures are from mine or Trey’s phone (whichever was closest at the time) that just barely captured a few of our meals before they disappeared.


First up, legit sesame chicken. I’ve been making several “easy” or “healthy” versions of Asian food off of pinterest, but sometimes you just need the real thing. This chicken was marinated, deep fried, covered in a thick sauce, and quickly devoured with each delicious calorie left intact. Next time, I might even put in the effort to fry the rice too :-)
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Next, we have my first ever salad-as-dinner, and if you think I made to much, you’re absolutely right. While Trey was willing to admit that it was a very good salad, he still didn’t want to have salad for dinner. He was a trooper though and ate two bowl fulls (washed down with a half a row of Oreos ;-) ). If you do like salad for dinner, however, this is a great Southwestern take on it, and the creamy dressing keeps it from being too healthy. Note that you probably don’t need an entire head of lettuce for two people, though.
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And finally, an old classic for when I’m too lazy to make real dinner: crescent dogs. Take a hot dog, wrap it in a crescent roll, follow the baking instructions on the tube, and voila! Dinner! My Mom used to add cheese too, but I don’t like the way it overpowers the butter taste of the rolls :-) . Of course I think she also used to serve them with fruits and veggies, but let’s not get carried away here.

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  • Kate says:

    It all looks yummy! Carry on little cook! I’m proud of you for being adventuresome and of Trey that he’s a good man & is willing to try everything. Yay!
    Hugs, Gram

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