A Round Tuit

You know those things that basically live on your “to-do” list? Not perpetual chores like laundry and vacuuming, but stuff that you need to do and stuff that you want to do, but stuff that never gets done? Maybe you want to read that classic novel, learn how to crochet, or finally organize the filing cabinet? Well this week my list of “round tuit” items just got shorter by two.

A Round Tuit_0001

Part 1.

This is my laptop. I jokingly tell people I built it myself, because when I fried the motherboard of my original one in college, I was able to take the hard drive out of it and put it in my brother’s identical computer. It worked out really well since he had just bought a new mac, and he was happy to let me have this one. Well that was over three years ago, and for the majority of that time I’ve been meaning to clean out the hard drive. For the past two years I’ve been wanting to wipe it completely because so much crud had gotten built up, and it was definitely starting to slow down.

Until Wednesday night. I was quickly flipping through a google image search on daisies when I got the zigzag screen of death. Maybe you know what I’m talking about? It’s white with thin multicolored zigzags running across the screen? Anyway my first computer did that when the motherboard fried, but the “new” one would do it whenever I tried to watch netflix and it got overheated. So I force shut it down, mostly annoyed that my notes weren’t saved, and tried to reboot. Lights, fan, out. Lights, fan, out. It was all too familiar. Remove all power sources and drain any residual electricity. Plug it in, boot it… lights, fan, out. Lights, fan, out. It was most definitely the motherboard again.

Well, I guess I’ll never be cleaning out her hard drive. RIP little HP. We crossed oceans together, and you never once complained about your unethical work hours :-(

A Round Tuit_0002

Part 2.

This is a box from Millers. This box is almost a year in the making, and I’m super stoked about its contents. See I did what so many brides on a budget do; I forwent the wedding album from my photographer in favor of the digital images so that I could make my own. Does that thinking save you money? Yes. Does it usually end with a beautiful wedding album in your hands? No.

I was fully aware of the statistics. I knew that newly weds are usually busy starting a life together and making their own album easily lands on the never-completed “round tuit” list. I was also determined to beat the odds. My one advantage was that I was in the process of starting my photography business at the time, so I knew I would have to learn how to make albums anyway. Why not learn on my own album? And what a learning curve it has been! I probably tried out ten different design programs and looked at countless album companies all offering numerous options with a wide range of price points before finally finding a combination I love. Which is why I am so happy to introduce…

A Round Tuit_0003

A Round Tuit_0004

A Round Tuit_0005

… the Miller’s Signature Album! All of our wedding pictures were taken by the super awesome Kelly of Kelly Lane Photography and her lovely second shooter, Hilde Marie of Hilde Marie Photography. This album is also available for the same price with a leather cover and you can have your names and the date stamped into the front, but we opted for the custom printed cover on canvas.

A Round Tuit_0006

Isn’t the texture awesome?

A Round Tuit_0010

A Round Tuit_0007

Ten inches square, full bleed, gutter-less printing… my heart melts :-)

A Round Tuit_0008

A Round Tuit_0009

*happy sigh*

So what’s on your round tuit list? Pick one thing and make it happen this month! I promise it’s so worth it :-)







  • Anne says:

    (the album, not the dead computer, r.i.p.)
    You’d better be bringing that with you this weekend. :-)

  • Kate says:

    Congratulations, Becky! Great accomplishment. You inspire me. :-)

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