Spring Craziness

Spring has finally arrived complete with (now predictably) warm weather, blooming flowers, and tax refunds! Everyone is waking up from the prevailing sleepy mood of cold, wet weather, and the neighborhood is a flurry of activity! Ok well, our house has been a flurry of activity. See this past weekend we combined two things that should never be combined if you want to wake up refreshed each morning: a new puppy and a building project. The original plan was to pick up baby Roxi on Sunday afternoon, after we finished building the fence, but with it being Easter, we had to pick her up on Friday instead. That meant my weekend looked something like this:

  • Friday 8 am, Trey’s parents arrive and hole digging begins
  • 11 holes later I leave with noticeably larger triceps to pick up Roxi
  • 2 hours there, 2 hours back
  • 4:30 pm, Roxi meets the Halls on their way out the door
  • Crate training (aka puppy screaming her head off) begins while I try to make dinner
  • 7 pm, Cole play  gently  with puppy training begins
  • 8pm, give up on training, feed the animals, head towards bed
  • night filled with puppy cries, potty trips (3), and cleaning
  • Saturday 10 am, my parents arrive and fence building begins
  • afternoon filled with fence building, potty trips, and puppy cries (no more messes!)
  • 7:45 pm, it’s dark and only the gates aren’t completely finished
  • 9 pm, pizza guy arrives
  • 10 pm, bed
  • night filled with puppy cries and potty trips (4)
  • Sunday 9 am, last potty trip, begin getting ready for church
  • 11 am, church
  • 3 pm, my parents head home, gate finishing begins
  • 4 pm, the fence is done! Cole gets his first fenced in frisbee toss and the humans pass out in front of the tv
  • 10 pm, bed
  • night filled with fewer puppy cries and potty trips (2!)


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