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Last week I sat glued to the weather forecast. Every day predicted cold, stormy rain. Every day except Sunday, and Sunday was the one day we needed. I know the weatherman often gets a bad rap. People complain that if they were wrong that much in their job, they would have been fired a long time ago. Personally I was very grateful for the weatherman this week, and he nailed it! In the middle of eight days of rain, he picked out the one sunny day and could even tell me what time the morning clouds were going to break!

This is the beautiful Barden family! You may remember them from their session last fall, and now they’re about to have a new addition :-)

Barden Maternity_0001

Barden Maternity_0002

You’re killing me, Monica! So beautiful!

Barden Maternity_0003

Barden Maternity_0004

Barden Maternity_0005

Ok quick story: shoemakers are brilliant! When we were walking out to the beach, I noticed that Sophia’s shoes had squeakers in them. I kind of laughed remembering how light-up shoes and wheelies were so popular when I was a kid… and then we started doing some couple shots. The shoes were amazing! While Justin & Monica were working it in front of the camera, you could hear every step Sophia took while she played with seashells. It was a continuous “don’t worry Mom, I’m right here!” So this next series is courtesy of the great people who design children’s shoes :-)

Barden Maternity_0006

Barden Maternity_0007

Barden Maternity_0008

Barden Maternity_0009

Barden Maternity_0010

Barden Maternity_0011

Barden Maternity_0012

Barden Maternity_0013

During the session Justin found a dead ghost crab and showed it to Sophia. At first she was a little shy, but then she started looking at it and grew quite attached. When she couldn’t find it later, she got really sad and kept asking where her crab was. After we finished the pictures Justin went back and helped her find it, so she could give it a proper seashell burial and say goodbye.

Barden Maternity_0014

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  • Lee Miller says:

    Beautiful pics. But of course you had Beautiful subjects. Grandaughter, Grandson and Great Grandaughter “My Special SOPHIA……..

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