Christi & Kaiya

I have always considered myself a big dog person. I love Great Danes, Newfies, Rottweilers, Mastiffs, German Shepherds, and anything big and furry with a sloppy kiss. Of course now that we have a big dog, I’m starting to understand why people might prefer small breeds. And then I met Kaiya. Kaiya is a Shiba Inu, and just about the coolest little dog I’ve ever met. She’s small enough to fit on your lap without smushing you, and she can still run with the big dogs at the dog park.




See? No smushing happening here. Cole likes to do the same thing, but I don’t look nearly as happy when he does ;-)






She even smiled for us in this one!







The Bardens // Charleston Maternity Photography

Last week I sat glued to the weather forecast. Every day predicted cold, stormy rain. Every day except Sunday, and Sunday was the one day we needed. I know the weatherman often gets a bad rap. People complain that if they were wrong that much in their job, they would have been fired a long time ago. Personally I was very grateful for the weatherman this week, and he nailed it! In the middle of eight days of rain, he picked out the one sunny day and could even tell me what time the morning clouds were going to break!

This is the beautiful Barden family! You may remember them from their session last fall, and now they’re about to have a new addition :-)

Barden Maternity_0001

Barden Maternity_0002

You’re killing me, Monica! So beautiful!

Barden Maternity_0003

Barden Maternity_0004

Barden Maternity_0005

Ok quick story: shoemakers are brilliant! When we were walking out to the beach, I noticed that Sophia’s shoes had squeakers in them. I kind of laughed remembering how light-up shoes and wheelies were so popular when I was a kid… and then we started doing some couple shots. The shoes were amazing! While Justin & Monica were working it in front of the camera, you could hear every step Sophia took while she played with seashells. It was a continuous “don’t worry Mom, I’m right here!” So this next series is courtesy of the great people who design children’s shoes :-)

Barden Maternity_0006

Barden Maternity_0007

Barden Maternity_0008

Barden Maternity_0009

Barden Maternity_0010

Barden Maternity_0011

Barden Maternity_0012

Barden Maternity_0013

During the session Justin found a dead ghost crab and showed it to Sophia. At first she was a little shy, but then she started looking at it and grew quite attached. When she couldn’t find it later, she got really sad and kept asking where her crab was. After we finished the pictures Justin went back and helped her find it, so she could give it a proper seashell burial and say goodbye.

Barden Maternity_0014

The Library: A Love Story

I remember the day someone first told me about libraries. My family was visiting my grandma’s house, when my uncle suggested that I get a library card. He then proceeded to explain that a library was a place where you could check out as many books as you wanted for free! Now all of you are (hopefully) familiar with libraries and probably aren’t astonished by their lack of fees, but all I knew of renting things came from the local Blockbuster. The idea that anyone could walk into a building full of books, take the ones that interested them, and walk out paying absolutely nothing blew my mind.

Now with the internet, there are tons of ways to learn for free. You can find pretty much anything you want to know on the internet if you’re willing to dig a little bit, but libraries still hold a special place in my heart. Walking in and smelling that old book smell, wandering through rows and rows packed with literature on every subject, sitting cross-legged on the floor flipping through book after book after book… *sigh* So much happiness :-)


Edit: Just to clear up any confusion, this story happened when I was about six, or five, or whenever children learn how to read. As my mom will attest, I’ve been a library junkie the vast majority of my life :-)

Valentine’s Day Weekend

Trey and I decided that instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day (because really, who wants to celebrate on a Thursday?), we would take the weekend and celebrate at the lake! It was really nice to get away for awhile and just be with each other. The lake doesn’t have internet, which is my biggest distraction, or a beautiful reef tank, which is Trey’s, so it’s really the perfect place to reconnect.

And what’s more romantic than cuddling inside during a freak hail storm? We did brave the cold long enough to let Cole play around in it, though, since this will probably be the closest thing to snow he sees this winter.

VDay Weekend_0001

Then the next day dawned sunny and beautiful as if nothing had happened. Oh and if you’re tired of seeing pictures of Cole man, you can blame Dana and Britt for the sudden influx. They both do gorgeous pet photography and I didn’t want Cole to get jealous ;-)

VDay Weekend_0002

VDay Weekend_0003

VDay Weekend_0004

“Goose poop! Goose poop! Pleeeease let me have the goose poop! Nomm nomm nommm!”

VDay Weekend_0005




Rainy Day Pick-Me-Up

If last week was excessively busy, this week was excessively wet. And dark, and cold. It’s almost as if someone read my last post and said, “Hmm how can we give her exactly what she doesn’t want?” So for everyone out there who’s had to suffer right along with me, I apologize for writing about summer and getting your hopes up.

On the other hand, if there’s one creature who doesn’t mind a little cold & wet it’s Cole man. Since he’s pretty much the best cheer-er-uper anyone could ask for, I decided to do a little impromptu photo shoot/training session to boost everyone’s mood. :)  And as an added bonus, anyone who saw the first birthday post can now get a clear picture of just how much he’s grown!

Becky Kate Photography_0001

Becky Kate Photography_0004

“You have the cheese and the dummy. I love you.” – “You threw the dummy!” – “I’ll go get it for you!”

Becky Kate Photography_0005

Becky Kate Photography_0006

Becky Kate Photography_0007

The following are not technically great photos, but they show his utter enthusiasm and the funny way he always starts shaking with his shoulders down to his wriggly butt! Oh and in case you were wondering, the blue rope is his 50ft check cord. Since he’s being trained for hunting, it’s important that he brings the dummy back every time. He’s still young and kind of distractible, so the check cord allows you to keep control at a distance.

Becky Kate Photography_0009

Best friends =)

Becky Kate Photography_0008

Remembering Summer

To say this week has been long would be an understatement. I generally consider myself to be a very social outgoing person, but having something scheduled every night of the week has been a huge drain.

And February is always a struggle. I know, I live in the South and have zero right to complain about winter, but I can’t help it, I’m a summer girl through and through. I want to wear cut-off jeans and go swimming again. I want to sit out back under the stars with Trey without being wrapped in a ginormous blanket (and still ending up with icicle fingers). I want to ride with the windows down every day and some nights.

I know most people who live around here complain about the heat in the summer. 100 degree weather is nothing unusual, and most people would agree that that’s too hot. But I love it! I love baking in the hot sun, sweat covering your body so even the tiniest breeze feels delightful. *sigh* 6 more weeks…

Beach Hammock_0001

Superbowl Monday!

Man what a great weekend! It started off Saturday morning with pancakes, a visit from Trey’s parents and a 100 year old armoire. I wanted to call it a wardrobe, because A: I can pronounce ”wardrobe” and B: because Belle had a wardrobe and she’s pretty much my favorite Disney princess of all time (Jasmine comes in a close second for having a pet tiger). Of course Belle’s wardrobe probably should have been called an armoire given that she’s French… In any case, Trey’s parents have been helping his grandparents clean out all of their old tobacco barns turned storage units and came across this gorgeous piece.


Trey’s dad was itching to fix it up and did all of the work in about two days (I wish I had a before picture to show you everything he did!). They also showed us some old pictures, maps, and WWI training manuals that they found. It was so cool reading the language in the old books, and seeing four digit phone numbers on a map of Summerville.  Thank you, Nana & Grandaddy!

Building on an awesome Saturday, yesterday was the Superbowl! A full afternoon devoted to football, friends, and delicious food! Food may be my favorite part of the Superbowl simply because it’s always good. Sometimes the game is a blow out, sometimes the commercials aren’t funny, but wings, beer, mini sausages and food made with bacon & cheese are always delicious! This year I tried out a Pinterest recipe for Loaded Potato and Buffalo Chicken Casserole and even remembered to snap a picture with Trey’s phone before everyone devoured it :-)

Superbowl '13_0001

I substituted two teaspoons of chili powder for the six tablespoons of hot sauce to take out some of the kick, and it came out quite delicious. You could probably make it without the chicken as well for a great side dish.

So what ‘s your favorite part of the Superbowl?


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