Cole’s Day at the Doctor

Yesterday Cole man had his appointment, the appointment that all male dogs would dread if they had any idea what was going on. Thankfully, he had no idea what was going on so he was quite happy on the ride over. He was even more happy when we arrived at a place filled with interesting doggy smells, and he couldn’t contain his excitement when we walked inside to find a line of new friends, all eagerly bouncing about while their owners attempted to fill out paperwork. Ah the bliss of ignorance.

Cole’s last few hours of manhood

Of course picking him up that afternoon was a much different scene. He had a giant cone on his head and was obviously a bit tipsy. He walked out quite sedately… into the wall. I suppose the difference between floor-to-ceiling windows and an open door is a bit subtle, but I think it’s one he normally would have figured out after theĀ first collision.

Once we got home he was like a much older, calmer version of himself. He laid around quietly while we cooked dinner, washed dishes, and even built a table, strewing the floor with his favorite cardboard toys.

His pain meds must have worn off this morning though, because he’s back to being crazy and seems quite unaware of any difference =)


  • Jackie says:

    He’s gotten so big! If he grows much more, you’re going to need a bigger car.

  • Grandma Kate says:

    Poor Cole! Feel sure he’ll be back to his bouncy self. Mentioning the walk into the big window made me think about a BIG hawk that flew into my kitchen window. What a huge thud! Amazing that the window didn’t break. When I went out to look though, he flew away. Hope Cole’s head fared as well .

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