Adventures in Cooking: Garlic

A few days ago I came across a recipe for pasta sauce that I really wanted to try. Most of the ingredients I was familiar with: canned tomatoes, olive oil, onions, etc, but it also said to use two cloves of garlic. The only kind of garlic I had used before came in a spice jar, so I wasn’t a 100% sure what I was looking for.

I wandered around the produce section for awhile until I finally asked one of the employees. She was kind enough to point me toward a small, out of the way stand, labeled “Garlic” which I stared at blankly. There were a few jars of minced garlic, a few jars of powdered garlic, and then a pile of these

Now these looked a little bigger than I thought a clove of garlic should be, but there wasn’t anything else around that looked promising, so I just figured I was wrong about the size, bought two, and headed home. Of course when I started to peel the garlic, I realized it was made up of smaller parts. Ohhhhh!¬†Yeah, so hopefully garlic lasts a long time because I have more than plenty. And for anyone else out there who needed to know: you can’t buy a clove of garlic at the store, you can only buy a head which will have several cloves.


  • Anne says:

    Oh dear, I really have dropped the ball on your cooking education! Yes, garlic keeps quite a while and it’s really useful in all kinds of recipes. Fresh garlic is way better than the dried kind.
    Glad you’re having fun! Nice photos.

  • Kathryn says:

    Oh dear is right. Garlic is delicious, and freshly minced (chopped really finely) garlic does amazing things to pretty much any dish.

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