Fourth Meal

Monday morning I was sitting in my living room planning the meals for the week when I remembered that Wednesday was the 4th of July and I should make something special. Trey got home from work that night and asked me what I got at the grocery store, so I showed him the ribs and told him they were for our 4th of July celebration on Wednesday.

That night as we were laying in bed it hit me, next Wednesday is the 4th of July. Oops. Trey just laughed and said he wondered why I got the ribs this week.

So here is our beautiful 27th of June meal complete with red white and blue salad (the bowl had to be the white since Trey hates bananas), my first ever attempt at mashed potatoes from potatoes instead of a box, and my mother’s super easy best in the world ribs. Go ahead, be jealous :-)

Augusta Weddings: Morgan & Spencer

Morgan and Spencer have a quiet love, quiet and fierce. Their friends and family gathered in the church, and there wasn’t a dry eye as these two quietly and passionately vowed to love each other to the end of their days. A huge thanks to Emily for inviting me along as her second shooter!

Morgan and Spencer, I wish you both the best and may your love only grow stronger.

Married: Nichole & Kenny

I’d driven through Greenville, South Carolina countless times on my way to and from school, but I had never been downtown until Nichole and Kenny’s wedding. Cameron invited me along as his second shooter, and let me just say, it was beautiful! Greenville has all the wonderful brick and classic buildings of any historic downtown, but then there’s also the river crossed by an arched walking bridge and edged with a garden that was in full bloom. In short, it was the perfect place for a wedding.

Nichole and Kenny, thank you for introducing my to downtown Greenville. I had a blast at your wedding, and I wish you both the best!

Looking sharp guys!

Nichole and Kenny wanted to have a photo booth area for all of their guests to write messages on a chalkboard. The guests had a blast with it!

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